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I’ve worn glasses since I was in 3rd grade. I still remember taking the eye test at school, and getting the letter to give to my parents. I was so scared I would get in trouble (my mom always told me not to read in the dark and I never listened) so I tried to hide it for the longest time. They found the letter though and took me to get my first pair of glasses. I probably should have shown them sooner, cause turns out, I had really bad eyes. So ever since then, I’ve worn glasses.

Throughout the years, I’ve found that glasses, although sometimes annoying (especially when you want to put on non-prescription sunglasses), tend to be more convenient. I wear glasses more often, and save contacts for days where I feel like making a little more effort.

Until I was 22, I changed my glasses once in high school and didn’t think twice about them. Now that I have my own insurance, I occasionally find myself on the hunt for a pair that better fits my personality and face. 2 years ago I went to Lenscrafters and had a horrible experience. I literally waited an hour before someone helped me, and when they finally did, they try to sell me on expensive options. When I asked for cheaper alternatives, they seemed annoyed. I ultimately paid $300+ for a pair of glasses that I didn't really love, lenses that were super thick and have scratched easily.

So, I was excited when I found WarbyParker.com.

I hate to admit this, but I’m a stickler for brand design. I know, I know! People always say, don’t judge a book by its cover, but in my experience (for brands at least), if the cover is nice, the material is nice too. I love anything that looks simple & classic. And the minute the page loaded, it was love at first sight.

The site itself is extraordinarily designed, and extremely easy to navigate. They had a lot frame styles that I was digging, and the best part? FREE at home try on. And when I say free, I mean FREE. So what better way to give it whirl than to add 5 frames & color combinations! AWESOME! *You do have to put in your credit card information and they will charge you $1 to authorize the transaction, however it will be given back to you in a few days.

I got an email confirmation in a matter of seconds and the order shipped the next morning!

And in 2 business days, UPS delivered the goods!

Then, obviously, I got to modeling them and I decided to go with the Sinclair in Greystone.

I packed all 5 back into the box, and stuck on the pre-printed FREE return shipping label. (Did I mention how awesome this is yet?) And sent them on their way! You get 5 days with them, but I sent it back in 2.

That night, I went online and ordered the Sinclair. It cost me $95 + $30 for ultra thin lenses since I have really bad eyes. For everything. Frames, lenses, and free shipping. The best part is, when you buy one, they give a pair to someone who needs it. AWESOME!

I ordered the glasses on Tuesday and got my glasses on Friday the same week. Unbelievable! Lenscrafters took almost 4 weeks to get my frames to me!

Even the case was classy, and everything was high quality. Although these glasses will probably last me a good couple of years, I think, I will be purchasing another pair sooner than later.

The glasses fit really well on my face, but unfortunately since I didn't give them my OC, the lenses were a little blurry. I called Warby Parker and they were super nice. They told me to get my OC measured and to email them, and they would fix it for free and send me a prepaid shipping label. They've been super helpful and quick! I love you WP!!!

To sum up, affordable, high quality, trendy glasses that's also for a good cause. It really doesn't get better than that. Even if you don't need glasses, you'll want a Warby Parker (they make non-prescription lenses too!). Be sure to check them out!

And as always, thanks for reading!


Mancina said...

waw great glasses, yoi picked a very nice pair. great post!

Julie said...

Super cute selection! I did not know that WP sent someone in need a pair of glasses too! I will definitely check them out the next time I shop for glasses. Love your blog!

xoxo, Julie

Michelle H. said...

Oh my goodness, Warby looks like an amazing company!


sergio castaño peña said...

amazing sense of style
hope youll like my blog as ive likes yours

Sergio, xx

welcome to my jungle said...

Really nice glasses. Love them!

Bernadeth G. said...

Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

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Terry Duna Kim said...

i love your blog! now following you :)
those glasses are super cute!

Love Me to Pieces

Mary Kapsi said...

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Ester Ramos said...

Such a cool glasses, I liked it!

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Monic dzej said...

Those glasses look nice, but i still prefer my Prada ones:)


Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

Cool glasses. I've heard of Warby Parker before. It's a good brand.

ELISA said...

Very nice glasses!

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Kate said...

really cool glasses, never heard of the bran before, thanks for sharing!
xx Kate

The Style Department

Nnenna said...

I've only heard good things about Warby Parker. I really want to give them a try!

star-crossed smile

Lydia Teo said...

Wow, love these frames! So stylish!



Such a great concept! I personally am really digging the Percey...

X Marjolein - Never Too Polished.com