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What's in my Bag Tag

I love watching/reading what's in my bag tags, so I thought I would do one.  

Ever since Jason got me the Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 30 in Damier Ebene for Christmas, it's been the only bag I've been carrying. I love my Speedys but they always were a burden when I went shopping or ran errands. The strap on the Bandouliere makes it super easy to throw over my shoulder and distribute the weight evenly. The dark leather of the Damier Ebene makes me worry less about scratching it or handles undergoing patina unevenly. Super convenient as an everyday bag. 

I keep my bag relatively organized. I usually carry my wallet (Juicy Couture), key holder (Louis Vuitton), my work keys and badge, and a pack of mints. I have three separate bags to further the organization; makeup bag (from Mom), medicine bag (Target), and anything "technology" related bag (Chanel pouch) which help my bag stay clean on the inside. Oh, and of course whatever I'm reading whenever I have time to kill, which is currently Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.

First in my make up bag, I have (from left to right, top to bottom) Eau Roma Water (Lush), Make-up Remover Wipes (Neutrogena), Travel Nail Kit (Target), Eye Liner (Milani), Lip Gloss (Chanel), Hand Cream (L'occitane), Lip Balm (EOS - Passionfruit is my favorite), Vaseline, Eye Drops (Bausch and Lomb), Oil Blotting Sheets (Up&Up), Mirror (Sephora), Honolulu Honey Lipstick (NARS - perfect nude). I've already raved about the Eau Roma Water from Lush and still loving it. Everything else is pretty self explanatory. 

I got this super cute pouch free from Target samples. I carry all my medicine in here, for any "just in case" moments. Everything can be bought from Target in the travel section. I love mini versions of everything!

And my last but favorite pouch is my bag full of anything iPhone related. The pouch came with some makeup I ordered from Chanel.com, and its perfect to carry my portable charger (Sony), my earphones, my usb charger, and my fisheye lens! And of course my handy dandy iPhone. 

Not super interesting and nothing special but hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment if you have any questions! 



sassyshann said...

Love seeing how other woman organize their bags. I love small bags but hate sacrificing the items that go in there.


Caitlin Banton said...

Nice iphone cover, I have the same but in black.

Can’t wait to see your next posts!

Keep it up.

Caitlin | coffeecatsandpointlesschats.blogspot.co.uk

kissonthechic said...

Where did you get your korilakkuma wire holder?

issa said...

love that phone case!! and earphones!


Autumn said...

That bag is so pretty. Just followed you Bloglovin (:


Terry Duna Kim said...

Wow so organized, I'm impressed. now i'm motivated to do some cleaning/organizing of my own. good stuff!


Arden said...

This is so awesome, and I totally love your phone case. xx

aki! said...

I've actually never been one to carry any makeup in my bags!

7% Solution​

Hana said...


& Pretty Things said...

ohh i was thinking about doing a post similar!

& Pretty Things

Hana said...

You should! Love them!

2thingsinlife said...

Nice picks!

2 Things in Life

imfashionstoned said...

Cute iphone cover!! love it:)

Estefanía Ainoza said...

So nice!!!! I love it!!!

Yulia Sidorenko said...

great post, dear! xoxo

love, Yulia

Gigi Song said...

I love What's In My Bag posts! You organise yours so nicely haha :)

This Happy Little Blog