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Thick Strappy Sandals

With spring just around the corner, some fashion styles have caught my eye. Living in (Somewhat) Sunny San Diego, the warmer days start sooner and the shorts and sandals seem to come out quicker and linger longer. And since I am a sucker for shoes, although my clothing purchases seem more meticulously thought out (not really), I have a horrible habit of buying too many shoes. Even if your pants don’t fit, your shoes always will right? (Actually this is NOT true, since when my weight fluctuates my shoe size fluctuates as well.) Oh well.

In December, I did purchase a pair of Chanel Espadrilles (pictured above), that I LOVE, which are great for the spring, but it's so hard to stay faithful to just one pair of shoes. So I’ve had my eye on some strappy sandals for this year. And not any strappy sandal, thick HORIZONTAL straps! I wanted a pair last year, but couldn't find a flat pair that I fell in love with so I will try again this year! And there are so many choices this time around. Hooray!

I mean just look at those! They’re clean, simple and AMAZING. I know some of the straps aren't that thick and I prefer thicker straps, so my love leans towards the Rag & Bone or Rachel Comey. The perfect casual sandal to wear out for warm weather. I think a trip to the mall is in order...

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Awesome blog you have here!



Fiona Carter said...

Oh,really inspired me with this post,love Chanel espadrilles!!

Calvin Brock said...

wow this good but ,I like your post and good pics may be any peoples not like because defrent mind all poeple , strappy high heel sandals